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Technical Analysis is only 20% subjective, and the rest all depends on practicing the art of identifying stocks with volume and price movements. We enable you to learn this art through daily learning sessions and ChartBook.

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Looking to learn Technical Analysis? Are you keen on practicing the concepts live? Are you looking for a guidance to pursue NISM courses? Look no further! Mr. Chartist is here to help you.

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Everything related to Stock Market education under one roof


Like they say, Technical Analysis is merely a baby step towards trading education; There's a lot more to it than that.
Here at Mr. Chartist, we will expose you to the various aspects of Technical analysis including trading psychology by holding practice sessions every week, sharing charts on daily basis, and a bunch of charts every week through our ChartBook service


Through this service, we share various charts explaining the structures through Price and volume analysis that helps you experience buildup & imbibes confidence in you as we offer a detailed explanation of our analysis, and when you watch them perform according to Technical Study.

Daily Dose of Knowledge

Through our Daily Learning & Education section, you'll find the charts of the stocks that have given a breakout or a breakdown with proper price-volume analysis. That'll not only equip you with the live experience of working of Technical Analysis. 

NISM Exams

This a newly introduced service. As someone who holds quite a few NISM Certifications, Mr. Chartist can help you secure the NISM certifications in your first attempts. In this section, we will share all the resources including Mock Tests that will help you crack NISM exams with more confidence and ease.



NISM Exams

Pass NISM Exams with the help of our Test Series and Study Material

Study Material

Latest NISM workbook are curated with infographics and chapter summaries to connect even with beginners understand the rationale behind the concept.

Test Series

We are the only to offer Chapterwise MCQ's for practice and full length MOCK test to build the right temperament for NISM exams.


We care about our Learners experience too

One of the best technical analysis teacher I have came across .fully dedicated and ground-to-earth person. May God bless him with huge success.

Dr Deepak Kodgirkar

Have been a member since over 1 year now. Big fan of the chartbook. It so very informative with clear charts and detailed commentary. The best thing is the webinar session on chartbook which is beyond the promise and helps you enhance your skills along. One can simply learn through Mr. Chartist.


Brilliant idea and hard work behind your thoughts and the way you changed mindsets of cash market traders in superb. Never thought I can learn and understand the market with that much ease by taking the help of your chartbook.

Neeraj Arora


Introduction of Technical Analysis

History of Candlestick Munehisa Homma (本間 宗久, Honma Munehisa) (also known as Sokyu Honma, Sokyu Honma) (1724-1803) was a rice merchant from Sakata, Japan who traded in the Dojima Rice Market (World’s first futures market) in Osaka during the Tokugawa Shogunate. He is considered the Father of the candlestick chart. He developed the candlestick charting […]

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Most frequent questions and answers

ChartBook is a new Concept which contains good chart findings on weekly basis purely based on Technical Analysis. Its purpose is to teach learning of finding breakout and breakdown stocks.

Every chart in Chartbook is interpreted in layman’s language. Readers can easily understand the logic behind every pattern which is used. Chartbook is also supplemented by webinars with Q&A sessions.

Absolutely No, we do not provide any BUY/SELL recommendation directly or indirectly, its sole purpose is Educational. Readers must consult their financial advisor before any financial decision. We are not responsible for any monetary loss or gain. We are not a SEBI Registered Research Analyst or Investment Advisor.

The sole purpose of Chartbook is educational and to make technical analysis accessible to all, with live practice of Charting and perfect following of chart in all conditions. 

Technical Analysis is 80% about practice and 20% is about concept, we help you to do practice of Technical Analysis with valid reasons and Technical Analysis in easiest way. 

The webinar will take place on Zoom and you will receive Joining Code on WhatsApp.