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Qualities of a Good Research Report- 

1. Accuracy and Timeliness: A good research report should provide accurate and timely information about the subject being researched. It should include relevant financial information such as revenues, profits, assets and liabilities, as well as information about the company’s operations, market position, competitive environment and any other relevant factors.
2. Comprehensive Analysis: A good research report should offer a comprehensive analysis of the subject being researched, including financial statements, industry analysis, competitive analysis, and market trends. It should also provide an in-depth look at the subject’s management, strategies, and business operations.
3. Clarity and Conciseness: A good research report should be written in a clear and concise manner, so that the reader can easily understand all the important information. It should also include relevant visuals, such as graphs or charts, to help the reader better understand the data.
4. Reliable and Relevant Sources: A good research report should use reliable sources of information and make sure to cite them correctly. Additionally, the sources should be relevant to the subject being researched.
5. Objectivity and Unbiased Opinion: A good research report should provide an objective and unbiased opinion about the subject being researched. It should not be influenced by any personal biases or opinions of the researcher.

Checklist-based Approach to the Research Reports-

1. Is the research report accurate and timely?
2. Does the report provide comprehensive analysis and relevant financial information?
3. Is the writing clear and concise?
4. Are the sources reliable and relevant, and cited correctly?
5. Is the opinion objective and unbiased?
6. Does the report include visuals such as graphs or charts to aid understanding?
7. Does the report provide insight into industry trends relevant to the subject being researched?
8. Does the report provide an in-depth analysis of the subject’s management, strategies, and business operations?
9. Does the report identify potential risks or opportunities for the subject being researched?
10. Does the report include recommendations for further research, if necessary?


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NISM Series-XV: Research Analyst Certification


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1. What does projection bias involve?

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2. Is dividend a small component of the total returns from equity?

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3. Which bias leads to the search for information that confirms one's beliefs?

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4. What is the objective of stock exchanges regarding liquidity?

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5. What does herd mentality in investing refer to?

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6. What is anchoring bias?

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7. Which bias can prevent investors from benefiting from market corrections?

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8. What does the traded value turnover ratio measure?

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9. What is the calling feature in bonds?

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10. What is the time frame typically used for calculating the stock turnover ratio?

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11. What is the main measure of liquidity in the traded value turnover ratio?

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12. How is stock turnover ratio calculated?

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13. Which shares are considered in the calculation of stock turnover ratio?

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14. Is business risk also known as operating risk?

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