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NISM Series-XV: Research Analyst Certification


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1. Which of the following is NOT studied in fundamental analysis?

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2. What is the objective of active investing?

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3. Which type of investors and traders largely rely on technical signals?

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4. What is insider information in the context of investment?

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5. Speculation is calls made with leveraged funds, unlike investing money which is disciplined activity for creating wealth.

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6. Technical analysis may be less suitable for long-term investing because:

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7. Which parameter is important to confirm a trend in technical analysis?

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8. According to technical analysis, which of the following provides indications of the underlying trend and its direction?

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9. Technical analysis identifies support and resistance levels, which represent:

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10. Which type of analysis converts price and volume data into charts to identify trends and triggers for buying or selling a stock?

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11. Fundamental analysis includes which of the following?

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12. Which of the following statement about limitation of quantitative approach to fundamental analysis is correct?

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13. Fundamental analysis is primarily focused on:

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14. What is mosaic analysis?

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15. What is the primary characteristic of passive investing?

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16. According to fundamental analysis, if the market price of a share is below its fair value, it represents:

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17. What is the role of research in investment activity?

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18. Technical analysis focuses on forecasting the direction of prices through the study of patterns in:

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19. The time span over which price and volume are observed factors in the impact of long term factors that influence prices over a period of time. State whether True or False

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20. Which element factors in the impact of long-term factors that influence prices over a period of time in technical analysis?

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21. In technical analysis, impact of day to day fluctuations in prices is annulled by which of the following factors?

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22. The primary limitation of applying a pure quantitative research approach in fundamental analysis is:

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23. Quantitative research in equity analysis involves:

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24. What is the primary difference between investing and trading?

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