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NISM Series-XV: Research Analyst Certification


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1. What is the relationship between savings and investments?

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2. Why are higher levels of savings and higher conversion into investments considered good for an economy?

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3. Focus of microeconomics is on factors that influence aggregate supply and demand in an economy such as unemployment rates, gross domestic product (GDP), overall price levels, inflation, savings rate, investment rate et State whether True or False.

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4. What is inflation?

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5. What does the unemployment rate indicate?

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6. What is fiscal policy?

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7. What causes demand pull inflation?

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8. How is inflation measured at the retail level?

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9. What is fiscal deficit?

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10. What is the focus of microeconomics?

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11. National income of an economy can be measured through which of the following methods?

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12. What is the relationship between interest rates and inflation?

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13. How is national income measured in an economy?

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14. Two major influencers of the public policies in an economy are & .

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15. Which branch of economics deals with the economy as a whole?

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16. What distinguishes Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI)?

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