Feel Real Exam 1- NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification

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NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification

Feel Real Exam 1- NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification

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1. Which of these statements are TRUE with respect to time stamping on mutual fund documents? A) Time stamping is relevant for non-financial mutual fund transactions B) The daily time stamping of application does not start with serial 1 C) Breakdown of time stamping process or breaking of seal is mandated to be duly recorded and reported to the Trustees

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2. Identify the TRUE statement(s) – A) A systematic transaction cannot be canceled B) Assuming a mutual fund scheme is profitable, then the investors can keep encashing some profits through a Systematic Withdrawal Plan

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3. Different investors of the similar age group should always have the same asset allocation in their investment portfolios – State whether True or False?

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4. In case one of the joint holders dies, the units will ________ .

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5. Mrs. Neeta needs Rs. 5,00,000 in 3 years from now. The interest rate is 6%. By which formula can we calculate the amount that is required to be invested today to achieve the goal?

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6. Which of these pieces of information is not contained in the Scheme Information Document (SID)?

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7. A top-performing scheme within a category ________.

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8. How can the empanelment of a mutual fund distributor be terminated?

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9. A mutual fund scheme’s performance must always be measured relative to the _____ .

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10. According to guidelines given by SEBI, every mutual fund scheme should have a minimum of ____ investors.

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11. On whom is the compliance requirement under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) applicable?

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12. Identify the FALSE statement(s) – A – Authorized signatories have to sign the request for transactions of institutional investors in mutual funds B – Even if the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association does not permit investment in mutual funds, the company can invest in mutual funds based on a Board Resolution

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13. When a mutual fund distributor empanels with an AMC, he/she has to sign a declaration for ______ .

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14. Mr. Mohit has filled up an application form for subscribing to a mutual fund scheme. However, the address mentioned in the application form is different from the address provided at the time of KYC compliance. Which address will be included in the mutual fund records once the KYC compliance is validated?

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15. In which of the following cases can Goods and Service Tax (GST) be charged to the mutual fund scheme over and above the Total Expense Ratio of the scheme?

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16. Identify the false statement(s). A) When an investor wants to redeem from a scheme, the distributor must suggest redemption from the scheme with the maximum exit load B) The mutual fund distributors can ignore the impact of exit load at the time of repurchase

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17. The form for registering a change in the default bank account has to be signed _____ .

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18. Identify the False statement/s. A) Valuation gains are ignored, but valuation losses need to be adjusted against the profits while calculating distributable surplus B) TheMark-to-market gains form a part of the distributable reserves in case of a mutual fund Income Distribution Cum Capital Withdrawal plan

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19. In which document is a commentary on the current state of the economy and markets is also generally provided?

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20. Redemption proceeds have to be paid to the mutual fund unit holders within the time specified by _____ from time to time.

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21. If an investor claims his unclaimed redemption amount after 3 years, the payment will be based on the ________.

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22. Smita is a young investor, and her parents advise her to invest in fixed deposits of banks so that these funds can be used for her retirement. If Smita follows her parents’ advice, what risk does she face?

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23. What is required for the termination of the services of an Asset Management Company (AMC)?

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24. The portfolio of a fund of funds consists of ______ .

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25. In the case of a Sectoral Fund, the minimum investment in equity and equity-related instruments of a particular sector of total assets should be _____.

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26. The ARN is allotted to the mutual fund distributors by ______ .

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27. Usually, most investors might have invested across various asset categories. However, the problem with such asset allocation is that _______ .

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28. Who uses the information collected under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)?

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29. ________ is not a mutual fund distribution channel.

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30. The minimum number of investors that a mutual fund scheme should have:

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31. Identify the TRUE statement/s. 1. The market liquidity can get impacted due to market-related events and company factors 2. There cannot be a price impact on mutual fund units due to liquidity demands due to redemption or portfolio rebalancing

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32. SEBI has regulations pertaining to restrictions on the investment policies of mutual fund schemes for ensuring that _____ .

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33. ________ ensures that the information contained in the scheme-related documents (SID and SAI) is fully complied with.

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34. Indicate which of these funds have the lowest to highest risk sequence? A) Liquid Fund B) Credit Risk Fund C) Corporate Bond Fund

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35. Which of the following is INCORRECT with respect to advertisements of Mutual Funds by AMCs?

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36. The trustees of a mutual fund are appointed by the ______ .

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37. How can the fundamental attributes of a mutual fund scheme be changed?

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38. Which is the Source Scheme in a Systematic Transfer Plan?

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39. In the case of ________, the Net Asset Value has to be declared for up to 4 decimal points.

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40. Once the mutual fund units are pledged, the unit holder/s _______ .

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41. Identify the information which is NOT included in the Statement of Additional Information (SAI).

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42. Identify the true statement with respect to investments in mutual funds through Stock Exchanges?

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43. Long-term capital loss from an investment can be set off against _____ .

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44. An Addendum has to be issued for changes in ________.

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45. An investor purchases through a distributor 5000 units of a mutual fund scheme at an NAV of Rs 25. The current NAV of the scheme is Rs 43. What will be the trail commission for today if the trail commission rate is 1% per annum.

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46. The additional Total Expense Ratio (TER) charged has to be credited back to the Mutual Fund in which of these situations?

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47. Some of the costs incurred by the Asset Management Companies to manage the mutual fund schemes can be charged to _________ in proportion to their holding of units in the scheme.

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48. The NAV of an equity fund is Rs. 76.45, and the face value is Rs. 10. An investor invests Rs 30,000. How many units will be allotted to him? (There is no entry load)

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49. Which of these statements is true with respect to Key Information Memorandum (KIM)?

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50. Not more than 25% of the Net Assets will be invested in the Derivatives Market’ – This statement best describes the ________ of the mutual fund scheme.

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51. Ms. Apeksha invests Rs 2 crore in a Gilt scheme at 2 pm with a local cheque. What would be the applicable NAV for the allotment of units?

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52. Identify the FALSE statement(s) – A) For Index funds, the NAV is calculated up to 4 decimal points B) The AMC and a mutual fund scheme of the AMC can have the same auditor

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53. Identify the TRUE statement with respect to ‘Jensen’s Alpha’ of a mutual fund scheme?

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54. Which of the following functions can an Asset Management Company (AMC) do in-house?

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55. In a Contra Fund, the minimum investment in equity & equity-related instruments shall be ________ of total assets.

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56. These debt mutual funds have been arranged from lowest risk to highest risk. Identify the risk which we are discussing : 1. Liquid Funds 2. Money market funds 3. Medium term bond funds

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57. The return from a mutual fund scheme is 8.3% and the Standard Deviation is 0.6. The risk-free rate of return is 5%. Calculate the Sharpe ratio.

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58. Calculate the Average holding period if the portfolio turnover ratio is 25 percent.

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59. When can mutual funds charge an additional expense of 0.30% of daily net assets of the scheme?

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60. Identify the False statement/s. A. Investments in mutual funds can be made on a repatriable basis by NRIs B. The mutual fund will automatically pay in Dollars when the NRI redeems his investments which were made on a repatriable basis

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61. AMFI Code of Ethics states that _______ cannot become a distributor of mutual funds.

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62. What is the disadvantage of company fixed deposits when compared to bank fixed deposits?

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63. From the below-mentioned entities associated with a mutual fund, who has to mandatorily contribute to the corpus of the mutual fund?

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64. Identify which of these is a function of Association of Mutual Funds in India’s (AMFI).

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65. _________ would not be an originator to a special purpose vehicle, in case of securitized asset.

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66. An Asset Management Company (AMC) can recover investment management and advisory fees on the management of unclaimed amounts, ________.

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67. When does the market price of close-end mutual fund scheme converge with the NAV price?

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68. Which of these entities can invest in Indian mutual funds? A) Foreign portfolio investor B) Insurance company C) Salaried individual

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69. The return from a fund is 9%, Standard Deviation is 0.75, and the Beta is 1.4. The risk-free rate of return is 7%. What is the DENOMINATOR in the calculation of the Sharpe Ratio?

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70. Investors who have not transacted during the previous ______ are known as dormant investors.

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71. Which of these statement(s) is/are TRUE? A) If the mutual fund units are held in demat form, they cannot be converted into physical form B) When a mutual fund is redeemed or when there is a dividend pay-out, the amount will be credited to the bank account linked to the demat account for those mutual fund investors who opt for demat units

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72. Identify the TRUE statements with respect to Transmission of mutual fund units – A) Before the transfer is effected, the mutual fund will insist on an indemnity against future problems for the mutual fund arising out of the transfer B) Before the transfer is effected, the mutual fund will not insist on the death certificate of the deceased unit-holder C) Before the transfer is effected, the mutual fund will insist on the KYC documentation from the nominee

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73. _______ is not included in the fundamental attributes of a mutual fund scheme.

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74. Identify the true statement(s) – A) An Addendum must accompany the KIM B) Addendum is considered to be a part of the Scheme Related Documents

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75. Investments have to be made only through authorized signatories for investments by _______.

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76. For a Sector Fund, the minimum investment in equity and equity-related instruments of a particular sector/theme shall be 90 percent of total assets. State whether True or False?

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77. What is the maximum percentage of holding a single investor can have in a mutual fund scheme?

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78. Opening of a time-stamping machine needs to be documented and reported to the Asset Management Company (AMC) – State whether True or False?

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79. Rising Sun Mutual Fund holds shares of AAA Ltd. in its portfolio. When the NAV of the scheme is calculated on 10th April, then each share of AAA Ltd. will be valued at ______ .

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80. The compliance requirements under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) apply only to mutual funds and not to other financial institutions – State whether True or False?

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81. Identify the TRUE statement. A) While calculating scheme returns for an investor, if there is an entry load, then the initial value of the Net Asset Value (NAV) is taken as NAV minus Entry Load B) While calculatingscheme returns for an investor, if there is an exit load, then the later value of the Net Asset Value (NAV) is taken as NAV minus Exit Load

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82. Ms Shweta purchases through a distributor 5000 units of a mutual fund scheme at a NAV of Rs 30. The current NAV of the scheme is Rs 28. What will be the trail commission for today if the trail commission rate is 1% per annum?

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83. Which of these investors CANNOT do CASH investments in mutual funds up to a limit of Rs. 50,000?

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84. Identify the TRUE statement/s with respect to the risks associated with short selling and stock lending.

1. There is counterparty risk and liquidity risk in short selling
2. There is no risk associated with stock lending as the transaction is done through an approved intermediary

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85. Identify the FALSE statement. 1. Arbitrage funds can invest in both Futures/Options (F&O) and cash markets 2. The only objective of an Arbitrage fund is to provide capital appreciation 3. Arbitrage funds have lower risk compared to Equity Funds

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86. The expenses of _______ cannot be charged to a mutual fund scheme.

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87. On what basis will the payment be made to an investor who claims his erstwhile unclaimed redemption amount within three years?

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88. ______ is the most relevant factor for comparing the performance of liquid funds of similar category offered by various mutual fund houses.

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89. If a mutual fund enters into a transaction for the purchase or sale of securities with any of its associates, then the members of the Asset Management Company of the mutual fund have to ________ .

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90. Identify the FALSE statement/s with respect to benchmarks for mutual fund schemes.

A) A Multi-Cap fund can have Nifty 500 index as its benchmark
B) A Multi-Cap fund can have BSE Sensex as its benchmark

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91. In which of the following case can a mutual fund charge the additional expense of 0.30 % of daily net assets of the scheme?

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92. Identify the true statement(s) with respect to the benchmark for Sector Funds. A) It’s ideal to benchmark a sector fund against an index representing the respective sector B) It’s advisable to benchmark a sector fund against a diversified fund to get the correct picture

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93. Amongst the distribution channels mentioned below, which one is likely to sell funds of only a single mutual fund house?

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94. An investor is interested in buying some units of a Close-ended fund after the NFO is over. How can he buy the same?

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95. If an investor has to change his default account, he/she has to do it with ____ .

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96. Identify the factor that must be considered to determine the asset allocation for an investor.

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97. Who is NOT authorized to attest the documents submitted for Know Your Customer compliance, in case originals are not produced at the time of KYC?

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98. Which document is used by fund rating agencies and also by investors to check the performance of various schemes of a mutual fund?

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99. Where is the performance data for all schemes across the mutual fund industry available?

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100. Which of these funds will generally have a higher fund management cost?

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