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Research Analyst


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A. Who do Buy-side Analysts generate investment recommendations for?

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B. What should analysts keep in mind while communicating their findings to clients?

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C. What is the main purpose of a Research Analyst’s role?

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D. Which type of Analyst works for firms that provide investment banking and broking services?

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E. Which skill is essential for a research analyst to analyze data effectively?

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F. Which quality is important for a research analyst to ask relevant and meaningful questions?

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G. What is expected from Research Analysts in terms of ethics and regulations?

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H. How do Research Analysts analyze companies qualitatively?

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I. What is an important quality that a research analyst must possess?

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J. Why is personal communication with management important for Research Analysts?

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K. Which type of Analyst works for research originators or boutique firms separate from full-service investment firms?

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L. What principle should analysts keep in mind while talking to the management of a company?

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M. What is the primary responsibility of a Research Analyst?

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N. What is an important communication skill for a research analyst?

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O. What does quantitative understanding involve for Research Analysts?

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P. Which macro-economic factors are important for Research Analysts to understand?

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Q. What quality is necessary for understanding financial statements and reports?

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R. What is the primary role of a Research Analyst?

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S. What is the purpose of using a network in research analysis?

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T. What is the focus of industry analysis for Research Analysts?

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