NISM-Series-I: Currency Derivatives Certification

The examination seeks to create a common minimum knowledge benchmark for persons working in the Currency Derivatives market segment, in order to enable a better understanding of currency markets and exchange-traded currency futures products, better quality investor service, operational process efficiency and risk controls. 

Examination Objectives:

On successful completion of the examination, the candidate should:

  • Know the basics of currency markets and specifically Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives markets. This is the addition.
  • Understand the trading, clearing and settlement mechanisms related to Currency Derivatives markets and basic investment strategies that use currency futures and options products.
  • Know the regulatory environment in which the Currency Derivatives markets operate in India.

Assessment Structure:

The NISM-Series-I: CD Examination will be a 100 marks examination to be completed in 2 hours. It will have 100 questions of 1 mark each. There will be negative marking of 25% of the marks assigned to a question. The passing score for the currency derivatives exam is 60%.

This NISM Currency Derivatives Certification is also available in Hindi and Gujarati languages.

Test Details:

Name of Examination: NISM-Series-I: Currency Derivatives Certification Examination

Fees (Rs.) 1500+
Test Duration (in minutes) 120
No. of Questions 100
Maximum Marks 100
Pass Marks* (%) 60
Certificate Validity (in years)# 3

How to register and take the examination

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